IELTS Energy 436: Why Renata Scored 8 in Reading and 5.5 in Listening

In today’s episode we’ll hear from a student in our 3 Keys IELTS course. Renata recently took the IELTS Exam and today we’ll talk about what went well and what she needs to keep working on. Renata took her test on June 3, 2107. Her… Read More

learn ielts first language

IELTS Energy 428: Is it Possible to learn IELTS in My First Language?

Today we’ll talk about whether or not you should learn IELTS in your first language. We had a unique email from a listener who is actually an English teacher. I’m a sophomore and I’m learning to teach English. Recently, there was a debate among my… Read More

waste 3 hours studying ielts

IELTS Energy 414: How to Waste 3 Hours Studying IELTS

Today you’ll learn how to NOT waste 3 hours studying IELTS, and use your time to increase your scores! We had an email from a listener: One of the biggest fears that I always feared is listening and speaking. I really don’t know the reason… Read More

ragini excitement overall 8

IELTS Energy 402: Experience Ragini’s Excitement with an Overall 8!

Ragini, a 3 Keys student, is excited because she received the invitation to immigrate to Canada, after getting an overall 8 on IELTS! She has been trying to get this score for her Canadian visa for one year. Before our course, she took the IELTS… Read More