English voice professional actress Eliza Jane

IELTS Energy 537: Find Your Inspirational English Voice with Professional Actress Eliza Jane

Today you learn how to find your English voice with professional actress Eliza Jane Schneider. Eliza is a dialect coach to celebrities and high-powered professionals, and she helps people improve how they sound in English. As a voice actress, she does a lot of voices… Read More

effective IELTS self-study

IELTS Energy 533: 3 Easy Ways for More Effective IELTS Self-Study

Today you’ll learn 3 easy ways for more effective IELTS self-study, so you don’t waste anymore time! Yes, at the end of the day, it is an English test, so you need to develop a high overall level. However, just as importantly, is learning and… Read More

learning style changes IELTS preparation

How Your Learning Style Changes IELTS Preparation

Today you’ll find out how your learning style changes IELTS preparation, to make your studies more effective.   You can be more than one learning style! Visual This learner prefers learning via images and pictures, and has well-developed spatial understanding. Use colors to organize your… Read More

news article practice IELTS skills

5 Ways to Use One News Article to Practice IELTS Skills

Today you’ll get a 5 activities for using one news article to practice IELTS skills. You know that you should be reading the newspaper during your IELTS preparation, but how? If you’re just reading articles a couple times a week, even one a day, there… Read More