prepare ielts language danger

IELTS Energy 446: How To Prepare for IELTS Language Danger

Today we’ll help you prepare for IELTS language danger, so you’ll be able to answer questions about language extinction. This topic is challenging, and you may be asked to discuss it in Writing Task 2 or Speaking Part 3. However, you may also come across… Read More

phrases increase score general writing task 1

IELTS Energy 423: 7 Phrases to Increase Your Score in General Writing Task 1

Today you’ll learn 7 phrases to increase your score in General Writing Task 1, and also for IELTS Speaking! Moreover, these phrases are very useful in real life! Take note on the excellent vocabulary in the phrases, and note these down as far as informal… Read More

ielts speaking vocabulary range

The Importance of IELTS Speaking Vocabulary RANGE

In order to get a high score for vocabulary on your IELTS Speaking Exam, you must exhibit a range of vocabulary. The examiner doesn’t just listen for “high-level” words, or “academic” words. That is only one end of the spectrum! Basically, your lexical expression must be… Read More