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IELTS Energy 455: Exquisite Example Answers for a Speaking 9

Today you’ll hear example answers for a Speaking 9 about value. The questions are straight from the British Council website, and, thus, are definitely IELTS valid! Jessica will answer a Part 2 and some Part 3 questions about the topic of value or worth– very… Read More

native do nots ielts speaking

IELTS Energy 454: Natural Native Do’s and Do Not’s

Today you’ll learn about native do’s and do not’s to guide you in your preparation for IELTS Speaking. Kerry, an American native English speaker, is our guest today, and will answer IELTS Speaking questions. Firstly, as Kerry says, you can say in Part 1, “I’m… Read More

5 ways say ielts easy

IELTS Energy 452: 5 Ways to Say IELTS is Easy

Today you’ll learn 5 ways to say IELTS is easy, and be able to use interesting vocabulary on your next Speaking Exam! In order to get a 7 or higher for vocabulary, you must exhibit your ability to use idiomatic language. Expressing the idea of… Read More