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IELTS Energy 582: The Examiner is Obsessed With Today’s Vocab.

Today we’ll talk about high-scoring paraphrases for “like” and “enjoy” for IELTS Speaking Exams. On this part of your exam, you will definitely be asked questions using these verbs. Most students simply copy these words in their answer, repeating the examiner’s language. That does nothing… Read More

ain't using idioms IELTS

IELTS Energy 580: Ain’t Using Idioms for IELTS?

Ain’t using idioms for IELTS? We’ll teach you how today! We had an awesome question from a 3 Keys student in our closed Facebook group: Is it appropriate to use the “ain’t” form in speaking? For example, I like the expression, “If it ain’t broke don’t… Read More

animal idioms describing personality

Video: 8+ Animal Idioms for Describing Personality

Today you’ll learn 8+ animal idioms for describing personality! Recently, we brought you videos featuring vocabulary for describing animals, and also Speaking sample answers for that topic. While preparing those, I also thought of numerous idioms we use that include specific animals in them, and… Read More