IELTS Energy 769: Native IELTS Phrases for Speaking Anxiety

Today you’ll learn native IELTS phrases for Speaking anxiety. We know that you are probably dealing with some pressure right now while preparing for your exam, and you’ll also experience nervousness on test day. Our strategy for getting past these negative thoughts on the IELTS… Read More

IELTS Energy 755: Give Today’s Vocab. a Whirl for an IELTS Speaking 9

Today you’ll learn Band 9 Speaking vocabulary about trying something new. You’re often asked questions like this in Speaking Part 1, like wanting to try food/a book/ a sport that you’ve never tried. Take notes on today’s idioms, and try to memorize one or two… Read More

IELTS Energy 753: Crush Your IELTS Speaking Crutch With Today’s Strategy

Today you’ll fix your IELTS Speaking crutch with native informal fillers. A student recently asked us if she could use the filler ‘you know‘ in IELTS Speaking. Firstly, click here for episode 413 about informal fillers! Yes, you should use these phrases because that’s natural-… Read More

IELTS Energy 751: March to the Beat of Your Own Drummer for Higher Speaking Scores

Today you’ll learn IELTS vocabulary about preference for higher Speaking scores. Just like Jonathan said in yesterday’s episode, 750, you need a few idioms in your back pocket to use on the IELTS Speaking test. To get an IELTS Speaking 8 like Jonathan, you should… Read More