IELTS Energy 59: 3 Steps to Go From Slow Reader to IELTS Reading Extroardinaire

In today’s episode you’ll get 3 steps to go from “slow reader” to “IELTS reading extraordinaire.” If you feel like you read slowly then today’s episode is for you. Here is what you should do: Read something you enjoy every day. It doesn’t matter what… Read More

IELTS Energy 58: Is This You? The Story of Someone Stuck at a Band Score 6

Today you’ll hear the sad story of someone stuck at IELTS band score 6. Is this you? You’ll find out what you need to change if this is your situation. What is this student doing wrong?  She is trying to study alone, with a textbook… Read More

IELTS Energy 57: Why Cutting Corners Is a Killer on IELTS

Have you set a test date yet for your IELTS Exam? If you haven’t set a date yet, today you’ll find out why you MUST set a date as soon as possible and how to do it. Why should you set a test date before… Read More

IELTS Energy 56: Five Smart and Sexy Ways to Use Your Vocabulary Notebook

Do you have an IELTS vocabulary notebook for the Writing and Speaking tests? If you don’t then you should and we’ll show you how to use it today. To get a high vocabulary score you need: Idiomatic phrases Casual phrases Native phrases Academic phrases and… Read More

IELTS Energy 55: Writing Task 2: Ideas! Where to Get ‘Em and Where to Put ‘Em

On IELTS Writing Task 2 do you struggle to find ideas? Do you know where to put your ideas when you come up with them? Today we’ll show you how to brainstorm for Writing Task 2 and how to organize your ideas into your paragraphs… Read More