IELTS Energy 757: Fake It ‘Til you Make It- Michelle’s Pro Pronunciation Tips!

Today you’ll get pro pronunciation tips from Michelle, coming to us from All Ears English! This is a groundbreaking episode– Michelle and Jessica have never recorded together before! Now, if you don’t sound interested in what you are saying, while you are talking, people don’t… Read More

IELTS Energy Bonus: The Road to Listening Adventure

Do you want to travel across the United States? How does a two month road trip sound?! I think it sounds amazing! Lindsay is well into her road trip adventure, and she is bringing all of you lovely students with her. Join the Listening Adventure… Read More

IELTS Energy 222: The ONLY Strategy for the Toughest Part 2 IELTS Speaking Question

When it comes to IELTS Speaking Part 2 you need to have something to talk about. It’s not easy to fill the two minutes. You need to go out and have experiences to be able to come up with topics. Today we’ll talk about how… Read More