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3 surefire ways increase ielts fluency

IELTS Energy 458: 3 Surefire Ways to Increase Your IELTS Fluency

Today you’ll learn 3 surefire ways to increase IELTS fluency on your Speaking Exam. By now, you realize that the IELTS Speaking Exam is not like daily conversation. You cannot just answer even simple questions with short, simple sentences. That’s why even some native speakers… Read More

concluding phrases future ielts 8's

IELTS Energy 457: 4 Convincing Concluding Phrases for Future IELTS 8’s

Today you’ll learn 4 concluding phrases for future IELTS 8’s, to help you close impressively in Speaking and Writing. You can use these in IELTS Speaking Part 3 and Writing Task 2. The following thoughtful question was posted by a 3 Keys student in our closed… Read More

Video: Resources to Prepare for IELTS Environmental Topics

Sometimes the topic of the environment comes up on IELTS. Today we’ll talk about 3 interesting and motivating resources to prepare for IELTS environmental topics. The topic of the “environment” is very common all over the IELTS Exam. You could hear a conversation or a… Read More

IELTS Energy Bonus: Trump Won the Election? Native 9 Problems and Solutions for this Election Season

We can’t believe what just happened in American politics last week! It was a complete shock to so many people that Trump won the election. In today’s episode we’ll show you exactly how and why he won the election. You can also use this episode… Read More