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getting 5 5 IELTS listening

IELTS Energy 420: Why are You Getting a 5.5 on IELTS Listening?

Are you getting a 5.5 on IELTS Listening? Or, perhaps, you just can’t seem to raise your Listening score to the band score you need? We got an interesting email from a listener about this very problem. The strategy this student is using simply has… Read More

hitting 150 words ielts task 1

IELTS Energy 419: Healthy High Scoring Habits for Hitting 150 Words

Today you’ll learn three ways for hitting 150 words in IELTS Task 1 essays! We had an interesting question in our course’s closed Facebook group: I have a problem with the writing module because I am a technician specialist. I write everything in short and only… Read More

keeping toys ielts part 1

IELTS 418: Talkin’ Trinkets and Toys in IELTS Part 1

You may be not only be asked about keeping toys in IELTS Part 1, but also keeping a variety of things, such as photos or souvenirs. As this is a common question type, and seems to trip up quite a few candidates, we’re giving you… Read More