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IELTS Energy 611: How to Use Our 800+ Free Lessons for an 8+ on IELTS

Today you’ll learn how to use our hundreds of free lessons for a 8+ on IELTS! On this website, we have over 600 podcast episodes, almost 300 videos from our YouTube channel, and, plus, Jessica writes an additional blog article about IELTS on this site… Read More

should get ielts test remarked

Video: Should I Get My IELTS Test Remarked?

Today you’ll learn if you should get your IELTS test remarked, or not. Go to allearsenglish.com/insider for your free Video IELTS Masterclass! Were you disappointed by your recent IELTS scores? If so, are you considering getting your exam remarked? Consider all the facts before you… Read More

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IELTS Energy 610: Dissect One Student’s Experience For Your Exam Success

Today we analyze one student’s IELTS experience for your own exam success. One of our amazing 3 Keys students, Amanda, had a fantastic IELTS experience and emailed us about what happened. The first part of the test was the writing (the one that I need… Read More

3 time natalia overall 8

IELTS Energy 609: 3rd Time’s The Charm For Natalia’s Overall 8

After taking the exam for the 3rd time, Natalia achieved and overall 8 on her IELTS Exam! Natalia is a linguistic researcher and university instructor from Russia. Her motivation for taking IELTS is to participate in more international projects. Even with her extensive background in… Read More