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vocabulary lose track ielts speaking

Native Vocabulary If You Lose Track on IELTS Speaking

Today you’ll learn native vocabulary to use when you lose track on IELTS Speaking. It happens to everyone! Losing track of what you’re saying will not necessarily decrease your score. This is a natural occurrence in communication, especially when you’re already nervous, and talking about… Read More

abner amazing ielts questions

IELTS Energy 641: Review Contest Winner Abner Asks Amazing IELTS Questions

  Today you’ll hear student Abner ask amazing IELTS questions. Recently, we had a review contest, and Abner was chosen to come on the show. He’s never taken the test before, and is preparing for his first exam. He listens to our podcast, studies English… Read More

overcome ielts reading panic

IELTS Energy 640: 3 Steps to Overcome Your IELTS Reading Panic

Today you’ll learn the steps to overcome IELTS Reading panic on your next exam. There’s been a theme lately to student messages we’ve been receiving. For example: I still make mistakes in reading practice. Should I move on to writing practice, or should I stick… Read More