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online IELTS community

IELTS Energy 565: Find Your Online IELTS Community

Today you’ll learn how to find your online IELTS community for continuous motivation. If you’re preparing for the IELTS Exam by yourself, at home, it can feel lonely sometimes, and this is detrimental to your progress. Thus, finding others online who are just as hard-working… Read More

IELTS 8 Isabella

IELTS Energy 564: How to Get Your IELTS 8 Like Isabella

Today you’ll learn how get your IELTS 8 like Isabella, a student in 3 Keys IELTS. She got 8 on Listening, 8.5 on Reading and Speaking and 7.5 on Writing! That’s higher than she even needed. Now she can immigrate to Canada and follow her… Read More

only student doing listening right

IELTS Energy 563: Be The Only Student Doing Listening Right

How can you be the only student doing listening right on the IELTS Exam? Many students may be able to watch a movie in English and understand most of it, but still can’t get high scores on the Listening Exam. Such as this student: My… Read More