IELTS Energy Bonus: How Ana got a 9 on IELTS Speaking!

Ana Alves landed a 9 on the IELTS Speaking test, and raised her Writing score by a band score and a ana 9 speakinghalf.

Can you learn from her IELTS prep, and also raise your IELTS Speaking and Writing scores?

Although Ana had been living in C
anada for 5 years, she still couldn’t get the IELTS scores she needed to qualify for the Express Entry program.

Before the 3 Keys IELTS course, Ana got an 8 in all the categories except Writing. On the IELTS Writing exam, she only got a 6.

Ana was shocked when she saw her scores. She’d taken English classes in university and did very well. She felt like her level of English was exceedingly high. Then, she realized, she needed some



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How Ana Increased her IELTS Scores


IELTS Reading and Listening: Score 8.5

Ana had already developed a reading habit, which she knows helped her on all parts of the exam. She reminds other students to read something they love, and to not use the dictionary while reading.

As for her listening ability, she improved this by watching movies, and not using the subtitles all the time.

These incredibly positive habits not only increase your IELTS scores, but also help you get into the target culture in which you want to live.

Ana also says that even though she has a high level of reading and listening comprehension, she still needed test strategies on IELTS exam day.

IELTS Writing: Score 7.5

How did Ana increase her IELTS Writing score from a 6 to a 7.5? Again, by learning about the testing strategies, and by learning what the examiner wanted from her.

She also had a VIP class with me, and learned how important the tone is in the General Training Task 1 letter score, plus how to fine-tune her vocabulary to meet high scoring requirements.

IELTS Speaking: SCORE 9!!

Undoubtedly, her already high level of English came through, but with the 3 Keys strategies of being honest when you feel anxious, and lying to increase your fluency scores, she landed that 9!

Also, Ana notes, her book and movie habits helped her here, as she had plenty of interesting things to talk about with the examiner.

So, don’t wait students. Get into the 3 Keys IELTS System and learn how to nail your next IELTS exam.

Do you have any positive English habits like Ana?

Tell us about your English-learning strategies in the comments section below!

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  • Gerardo Arias

    Hello Lindsay, I am so happy for your adventure. I would like to do the same some day. I am from Ecuador and now, I am living at USA for some months since I am taking an internship in a American company.
    I am living in Boca Raton, FL. Tell me if you are coming to FL. I would like to meet you.
    I am so excited for your trip. I am going to follow up your trip, so we are going to learn with you.
    Take care!!

  • Maho

    Hi Linsey,

    Please let me know if you’re coming to San Francisco when you drive down the Pacific Coast Highway.
    I’m happy to show you around the city.

    I’m looking forward watching your YouTube video of this exciting trip.

    Take care and have a great adventure!


  • Please meet your AEE listeners and show us the videos . Thanks ! Be SAFE ! LOVE YOU !!!

  • How’re you doing right now ? I’m worried sick . Please send me an email . Keep in touch !

  • The whole world belongs to you ! Keep going !

  • 3 KEYS is the most powerful predictor of IELTS SUCCESS . The more you practice , the better it impacts on your confidence . Start doing impossible ! It does your mind good .