7+ Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking Questions about Work and Business

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Today you’ll learn 7+ vocabulary you can use on your next IELTS Speaking exam.

7 vocabulary ielts speaking work business

The topics of work and business come up a lot on IELTS. You could be asked about them on the Speaking and Writing exams, and also see them on the Reading and Listening tests.

As far as the Speaking exam goes, you could be asked about your work or future job in Speaking Part 1, your ideal job in Speaking Part 2, or employment or business trends in Speaking Part 3.

You can use all of the phrases in this video throughout the IELTS Speaking exam.

Watch the video to find out what the phrases mean, and how we use them.

Take notes as you watch. Write down the examples and explanations I give. Then, choose 3-4 phrases that you think you can use.

Finally, add these phrases to your vocabulary notebook. Practice using them in your IELTS Speaking practice.



Normal jobs:

  • a 9 to 5 / desk monkey / rat race

Get fired:

  • get the boot / let go / cutback / downsized


  • land a job / freelance / telecommute / plug away at something / keep your nose to the grindstone


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Hiring practices:

  • nepotism

Business today:

Practice using this vocabulary to describe your own work environment/goals, opinions about good/bad jobs, and business practices and trends in your own city/country.

What do you think of today’s vocabulary?

Leave us your own sample sentences in the comments section below!

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  • 1) Normal jobs :
    A 9 to 5 job is full-time .
    I’m not a desk monkey .
    I work as a rat race .
    2) Get fired :
    I got the boot last month .
    I was let go yesterday .
    My company had a cutback last week .
    My business was downsized .
    3) Working :
    I just landed a job a week ago .
    I’m a freelance journalist .
    I telecommute each day .
    I plugged away at my writing .
    Please keep your nose to the grindstone .
    4) Hiring practices :
    Nepotism is an unfair employment .
    5) Business today :
    I work in a brick and mortar / mom and pop shop .
    They are Wall Street fat cats .
    It is the 1% salary .

  • Khaled Mostafa

    My brother works in a brick and mortar / mom and pop shop. They were Wall Street fat cats. The 1% are very rich. It’s unfair to see people hired by nepotism. Finally, I landed a job. She works as freelancer / telecommuter. It’s difficult for telecommuters to plug away. Freelancers find it uneasy to keep their nose to the grindstone. The group of consultants were got the boot / let go / cut back. The institution downsized its staff to 150. Almost all people work a 9 to 5 these days. I feel like a desk monkey rat race.