7+ Native IELTS Vocabulary: Describing Places

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These native speaker phrases will ensure a higher vocabulary score on exam day!7+ ielts vocabulary places

Describing places is a common question type on IELTS Speaking Part 2. Having said that, you could also be asked to describe places in Speaking Part 1, Part 3, or in Writing Task 2.

To impress the examiner on exam day, you must exhibit a range of vocabulary. You cannot just use words you learned in class and/or from a textbook, or you will get no higher than a 6 for vocabulary.

Places you might have to describe in IELTS Speaking Part 2: a building, public place in your town, friend’s home, place you remember from a vacation/holiday.

Watch the video and write down 3-4 phrases you really like. Then, practice speaking about the topics above and use the new phrases!


Describing Appearance

  • The layout is chaotic/comfy/warm and inviting.
  • It presents itself as a run of the mill beach, but, in actuality, it is…

Describing Ambiance
Ambiance is a fancy word for the feeling of a place.

  • It has a super chill vibe.
  • The excitement is tangible.

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Describing People

In describing places, you should add to the image by also describing the people you see there.

  • It attracts a rowdy/posh crowd.
  • It is frequented by dog-lovers.

Practice using these phrases to describe places you know, or have been to.
Record your favorite phrases from this video in your vocabulary notebook.

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  • 1) Appearance
    The layout is chaotic ( crazy , unorganized ) , comfy ( logical ) , warm and inviting .
    The appearances are deceiving .
    Actually , it pesents itself as a run of the mill beach , but , in actuality / reality , it is the most vibrant and energetic place I’ve ever been .
    2) Ambiance ( the feeling of a place )
    It has a super chill vibe .
    The excitement is tangible . You can feel it and almost touch it .
    3) People
    It attracts a rowdy ( a little bit noisy , aggressive , crazy ) and posh ( expensive , fancy , high-class place ) crowd .
    It is frequented by dog-lovers / music-goers or families of all kinds .