Video: 7+ IELTS Vocabulary for Delightfully Describing Buildings

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Today get 7+ vocabulary to impress the IELTS examiner when you describe buildings. You may have to do this in Speaking Parts 1 or 2.

7 ielts vocabulary describing buildings

In order to score a 7 or higher for vocabulary, you have to show the examiner unique and interesting vocabulary.

You have to set yourself apart from other “band score 6 students”, and this vocabulary will get you there!

As you watch today’s video, take notes on how I use the vocabulary.

Then, you should also write your own sentences using the vocabulary, and read them out loud.




Describe the outside

  • Lush gardens
  • Bustling / vibrant surroundings
  • Quiet, family-friendly residential area

Describe the facade

  • Gargoyles / brick / glass / concrete
  • Victorian / modern / colonial
  • Ornate / stark


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Describe the inside

  • Drafty
  • Labyrinthine / rambling
  • Elegant / in bad taste
  • Lovely / delightful / stunning / eye-catching

This list is only the beginning!

Please choose your favorite words/phrases from today, and search for synonyms at Add to your vocabulary list.

Then, use these phrases to describe your favorite building, a famous structure in your hometown / the city you live in now, and a building that is important in the history of your city.

Talk about each building for 2 minutes.

What do you think of today’s vocabulary?

Share your own example sentences in the comments section below!

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  • Sana’a Trade Center is surrounded by lush gardens . It is located in bustling / vibrant surroundings downtown .You don’t see any quiet, family-friendly residential areas .
    There are gargoyles made of brick / glass / concrete around the corners of walls . There is a mixture of Victorian / modern / colonial styles . It looks ornate / stark .
    The interior seems drafty . Air flows easily and openly . It definitely is a labyrinthine structure in a rambling estate . Beyond all doubt , it has an elegant appearance . It is in good taste . Its attraction is lovely / delightful / stunning / eye-catching .