IELTS Energy 183: Warning! Stay Away from this IELTS Forum

IELTS forumToday we’ll expose an IELTS forum for its bad answers and bad strategies.

We’ll show what to do instead of relying on a forum to get your 7 or higher.

Today we went to the forum called AIPPG.NET and we found a thread that we think is offering very bad advice.

We recommend that you stay away from this forum.

We only see students answering other students’ questions and giving bad advice. Some forums do allow ex-examiners to answer questions and adminstrators monitor the threads for bad answers so we aren’t talking about all forums today but this one is particularly bad.

The question that we found is about time management.

The first piece of bad advice we found was one student saying that it doesn’t matter if you do not finish the reading or listening test. This is completely wrong. If you follow advice like this you will not succeed on the IELTS. You definitely need to finish both the listening and the reading tests.

The next piece of bad advice offered a very weak strategy or framework that sounds like it hasn’t been validated against the exam.

Remember guys, why would you waste your time and risk not achieving your dream by taking bad advice and trying to save a few dollars?

Leave us a comment and let us know if you use forums. Which ones do you use and which ones have you found that are bad? Let us know!



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  • Worst case scenarios in IELTS is to believe in wrong advice . Bad forum is the opiate of the weak . Whatever it is you’re scared of , you must adopt high standards of a system to move ahead . In every area of IELTS you have upsides and downsides . Trust 3 Keys IELTS and go with your gut to get the best outcome you most want . Do it NOW !

  • 1) Every morning I eat corn / chocolate cereal for breakfast .
    2) I love to watch ” Miami Vice ” serial at 8 o’clock in the evening while having dinner .

    3) Breaking-up is hard to do !
    4) The traffic light is red , use the brake to stop the car right now .

    5) Get out of my sight ! Get lost ! / My hindsight is always 20/20 .
    6) AEE website is the best for English learners . / There is a fire near here , this is an evacuation site .

  • AEE 451: Does Your Native Speaker Friend Make These Mistakes in English ? How to Help Them ?
    1) advice / advise
    2) your / you’re
    3) award / reward
    4) affect / effect

  • Rodolfo Rodrigues

    Lindsay, I have a question to fire away.

    At the beggining of today’s episode you asked Michelle about what is the number of episode about the difference between affect and effect and then said:

    “I actually don’t remember”

    Did you mean in reality or currently?

    Congratulations for your great job in this podcast and thanks in advance.

    • Hi Rodolfo I don’t know what you mean. When I said “I actually don’t remember” I meant that in that moment (present tense) I didn’t remember which episode it was. Does that answer your question?

      • Rodolfo Rodrigues

        Yes, it is.
        I have been doing twice a week online classes and during one of that classes I was talking about my job and I said “my actual job” and I thought I was saying right now (present tense) but the teacher did a correction and said that I should have said “my current job” instead of “my actual job” because actual means in reality and current means right now.
        Anyway, thanks for your promper answer.

        • Thanks that’s a good episode idea. In Spanish “actuallemente” is now and I bet you have a similar word in Portuguese but in English your teacher is right. It should be “current.” We’ll do an episode on this false friend soon because a lot of our listeners have this challenge. Thanks

  • Allen

    Is there any script available for this Episode?Thanks,

  • Pim

    Hi, I have used this blog for a while. I really like it. Every episode is useful for speaking in daily life.
    Can you help me find the episode about “how to talk about the thing you like”?
    The episode is about some words that we can use instead of “like”.
    I think I listened from here but I couldn’t find it.